How to 10X Your Hiring Funnel With Candidate Experience that Work
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Tina Bright

Tina Bright

Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Universal Music Group

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Tina Bright is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Universal Music Group responsible for the strategic planning, operations and execution of the U.S. recruiting function and global initiatives. She understands business needs within the context of organizational culture and in partnership with the business creates unique talent strategies focused on value add. Tina builds an ever-evolving function by empowering the team to implement innovative practices focused on creative solutions and delivered with excellence.

Here is what we will discuss during this interview

  • Ghosting - How to avoid it
  • Pipeline building with great candidate experience
  • Getting and giving more closure 
  • Employer branding
  • Real-life scenarios of these changes playing out.
We will discuss some these aspects of recruitment during the session. Stay tuned.