Recorded Interview 

The future of HR: what does it hold for recruiters?
Gerry Crisping-1

Gerry Crispin

Life-long Student Nurturing a Community of TA Leaders from Past 50 Years

Gerry Crispin has been nurturing a community of TA leaders for over 50 years. Currently the Principal and Co-founder of CareerXRoads, Gerry is one of the most respected names in the recruitment industry. Gerry is passionate about technology and data and wants to ensure that every stakeholder in recruitment finds meaning in his work. 

Here is what we will discuss during this interview

  • What are the current overarching trends in the HR world?
  • How has the recent pandemic shifted these trends?
  • What do these changes mean for recruiters?
  • What changes can recruiters expect in the HR industry in the near future?
  • Real-life scenarios of these changes playing out.
We will discuss some these aspects of recruitment during the session. Stay tuned.